Welcome! I am the Potions professor, Ms. Ella. Hopefully you can enjoy my class while gaining points for your house.


May 2006

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Thursday, May 18  

I have a few rules.
1) Do your own work. Do not take answers from other students or give them out.
2) You do not have to do every assignment.
3) If you haven't turned in an assignment by the due date, do not turn it in at all. I would prefer you turn in what you have completed rather than turn it in late.
4) If you repeatedly receive Ps or Ds on assignments, you will be dismissed from the class.
5) A student who fails to write his/her house on an assignment will not receive credit.
6) Use appropriate language and treat everyone with respect.
-- these rules are subject to change if need arises --

Grading Scale
Outstanding: 71-80 pts
Exceeds Expectations: 61-70 pts
Acceptable: 41-60 pts
Poor: 21-40 pts
Dreadful: 0-20 pts

Enrollment Process
Fill out the following form in a neomail to me:
- Name?
- House?
- How often are you online?
- What do you hope to learn from this class?

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